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DL2 / TechSpecification

Technical specification (standard)

MemoryCompact flash type I, FAT16 PC format, 128MB to 2GB.
GPSLogs position, altitude, speed, heading, position accuracy, speed accuracy, heading accuracy. Tracks of all satellites in view.
5HzLogs all data at 5Hz (every 200ms). Typical error (CEP) 3m, under good conditions this is reduced to about 1m.
GPS antennaMagnetic base, 3.3v active antenna with SMA connector
Analogue InputsEither 8 or 16 external inputs (optional), all 12 bit resolution, with a maximum input of 12v and resolution of about 3mV. All inputs are protected to twice maximum input voltage. Input impedance >100k.
Frequency Inputs4 external frequency inputs with a maximum input frequency >2kHz. Suitable for wheel, shaft, or engine speeds, may require additional sensors.
Lap Beacon InputGround momentarily to indicate track beacon.
Start Sample Input/OutputInput requires grounding to start sampling and again to stop sampling. Open collector output with a maximum current of 50mA
External Power Supply Requirements12v nominal input, (between 10v and 15v). Current consumption of about 180mA including GPS, dependant on compact flash card size.
+5v Reference OutMaximum current draw 100mA, tolerance 1%.
Ignition In Signal(High Level) Triggered by fast voltage transients. Can be connected directly to the low tension side of the ignition coil, or coupled to a high-tension lead.
Ignition In Signal (Low Level)Requires a triggering voltage of 4V. Suitable for connection directly to most ECU tacho outputs. Maximum input frequency >300Hz.
Case ConstructionCNC aluminium, black anodised. Front cover high impact polycarbonate. Sealed using ‘o’ rings.
Connector Type4 x Binder 423 Series 12-Way Male Bulkhead Connectors (09-0131-68-12)
Main ProcessorHigh performance 40MHz RISC with embedded flash program memory
GPS Serial PortUser configurable for baud rate (1 or 5Hz) and messages. Factory set at 4800 baud and outputting NMEA messages of $GPRMC and $GPGGA.
DL2 Serial PortSerial output to drive our dashboard or video overlay products. Serial input used for inputting RS232 data for storage during a run, from an ECU, OBDII adapter or any other compatible device.
Accelerometers3 axis, precision digital output. Guaranteed 2g minimum full scale on both axes. Resolution of 0.005g. Optional 6g sensor as a factory option.

"WARNING": To avoid any possible damage to the car paintwork, please take care when mounting magnetic GPS antennas. In particular make sure that there are no dust or grit under the antenna. In some cases it maybe required to add additional protection to the paintwork prior to mounting the antenna to avoid damage.

Technical specification (options)

20Hz (optional)Logs all data at 20Hz (every 50ms), advanced processing for both a higher update speed and more accurate results than the 5Hz system. Typical error (CEP) 3m, under reasonable conditions this is reduced to about 1m.
Battery power (optional)Up to 12 hours continuous use from fully charged, depending on compact flash card and external loads.
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