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DVDBurn / CreatingADVD

Create DVD

Once you have finished loading data, DVD generation process can be started by pressing the Create DVD button. A dialog box will appear, asking whether you want to proceed with the operation.

Once you have confirmed that you want to proceed, the DVD Burn Progress Window will appear:

Creating a DVD consists of four steps/stages:

  • Prepare files - In this stage, DVD Burn checks whether it can access the loaded files.
  • Combine Audio/Video - Added video files are decoded and re-encoded to create the DVD compatible Video files.
  • Author DVD - DVD folder structure is created with menus, chapters, and encoded video files.
  • Finalize - Burning process starts after generating the ISO Image.


  • After creating a DVD, DVD Burn deletes the intermediate files. If you want to keep these files, select the Keep Intermediate Audio and Video files option.
  • Once burning has been completed, ISO image will be deleted from the hard disk. To keep the ISO image file, deselect the Delete ISO image after burning option.
  • You can generate the ISO image without burning a DVD. deselect the Burn Project to Disc option, Then DVD Burn generates only a ISO Image.
  • Default location for ISO images is \Race Technology\DVD Burn\DVD. You can change this location by using the File Name option that is under the Burning tab in Configuration window.

DVD Burn Progress Window

This window displays the progress of the DVD burning process. It contains the following items:

  • Progress Bar – this graphically displays the progress of the burning.
  • Check List – this displays the progress of the burning through a check list of the operations that are to be carried out.
  • Current Operation - this is a text label that displays the current operation.
  • Total elapsed time – this is a text label that displays the time that has elapsed during the operation.
  • Format CF card when completed (check box) - if this checkbox is checked, the computer will display a format dialog box that will allow the user to format the CF card once the DVD has been created.
  • Cancel – at any stage of the operation, you may cancel the process by clicking this button
  • Close – Once the operation has completed, this button will be enabled. By clicking this button you can close the window.
Page last modified on July 01, 2009, at 03:51 PM