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DVDBurn / DVDBurnCmdArgs

Command Line Options For The DVD Burn

There are several options available at the command line when running the DVD Burn program. During normal use, there is rarely any need to use the command line options. However, they are included in here for reference.

/F - load files manually

This option can be used to load a given set of files to the DVD Burn. Each file name in the list must be separated by a comma, so for example:

/F "E:\For test\TEST2.VD4","E:\For test\TEST4.VD4"

/L - Auto load

Loads video files from connected CF cards

/B - Create DVD

DVD Burn will use last used configuration settings and generate the DVD

/C - close

Exit from the DVD Burn

Using Command line arguments

We can use all these parameters as follows

DVD Burn.exe /F "E:\For test\TEST2.VD4", "E:\For test\TEST4.VD4" /L /B /C

The system will:

  • Loads the files, Test2.vd4 and Test4.vd4
  • Loads the video files from connected Compact flash cards if any.
  • Create the DVD
  • The program will then automatically close.
Page last modified on July 21, 2009, at 07:59 AM