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DVDBurn / SavingRunFiles

Saving Run Files

While loading a video file, if DVD Burn detects associated run data(.run file) is available, it will load the run file with the video data. Run data will be saved to the DVD under RUN_DATA directory.

To be recognized as a associated run file, run file should have:

  • Same name as the video file.
e.g. If the video file name is RT005.VD4, run file name should be
  • run file must be in the same directory as the video file.
  • Add run files option should be selected. Add run files option is under the General tab in Configuration window.

Note that run files are not named using the title name. Instead, they are given names, according to the title order. The reason for giving the run files a different name is, titles can have the same name but RUN files saved to the dvd cannnot.

Page last modified on July 21, 2009, at 11:53 AM