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DVDBurn / TableOfContents

Table of Contents

Each separate video that is loaded into the application will appear as a separate title on the DVD and, as such, will be allocated a separate row in the table of contents. It should be noted that any number of video files (and hence titles) can be loaded in to the application, but that the maximum number of titles that can be added in to the actual DVD is limited to hundred.

The table has the following columns:

  • Video File this contains an image of the starting frame of the video.
  • Audio Tracks this is the number of audio tracks in file.
  • FPS this is the number of frames per second.
  • Duration this is the duration of the video.
  • Created Date and Time created date and time of the video.
  • Path this is the path to the video file.

After adding titles:

  • User can remove a selected title by clicking on the Remove Title button in the bottom right corner of the DVD Burn main window or pressing the Delete button in keyboard.
  • You can change the title order of the DVD by dragging and dropping titles in the grid.
  • To add chapters to a title, left click or right click on the title. This will open the Add Chapter Window.

Add Chapter Window

The Add Chapter Window contains the following items:

  • Title Name - Title name for the DVD menu.
  • File Name This displays the name of the chapter file that is to be used. You can search for the chapter file by clicking on the browse button. By clicking the clear button, you can clear the selection.
  • Time Information This displays the contents of the selected chapter file in a comma separated format.
  • Ok This associates the selected chapter file with the selected title.
  • Cancel - This cancels any selections made.
Page last modified on November 22, 2013, at 10:32 AM