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GoProVideoSupportInAnalysisV10 / GoProModelAndModeCompatibility

GoPro model and mode compatibility:

The Analysis software has been optimised for use with GoPro cameras, it will work with many similar cameras on the market, but only with manual synchronisation between the data and video.

There are currently

  • Automatically based on the embedded GPS data in the MP4 file. For this to work, the GoPro needs to be a model that has GPS. This is by far the best option and highly recommended.
  • Automatically using the fixed cable, however this only works with the older models Hero, Hero2 and Hero 3 White.
  • Semi-automatically based on timestamp, this works with all models, but is not particularly accurate.
  • Manually by selecting a matching point in the video and data. This works with all cameras, but is a little inconvenient

We have tested and support all current GoPro recording resolutions and frame rates.

Page last modified on January 21, 2019, at 07:46 AM