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InstallationAndConnections / ConnectingToOtherDataLoggerTypes

Connecting the SPEEDBOX20 to other data logger types

The SPEEDBOX20 is fitted with a range of available output options. This allows it to be connected to as wide a range of data acquisition systems as possible. The options available are: CAN, digital pulse, analogue and serial (RS232).

The choice of which output to use may depend on several factors. CAN and serial are the first choice for high accuracy readings, since these outputs are not subject to any type of noise or interference issues. However, there is a small latency between the measurement being taken and the CAN or serial messages that are decoded by the receiver. The digital pulse and analogue outputs are both ultra-low latency outputs, but the digital pulse output is only suited to speed or distance measurement and the analogue outputs may need to be calibrated to the user’s logger. They may also be subject to signal noise. Further notes on each of the output types are given in the following sections.

Page last modified on January 25, 2010, at 12:12 PM