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InstallationAndConnections / TestingTheInstallation

Testing the Installation

To test the installation, connect the power, GPS antenna and display to the unit as described above, and switch the unit on. The red power LED on the unit and the backlight on the display should light immediately, and after a few seconds the display should show “RACE TECHNOLOGY ** BRAKEBOX **” briefly, before changing to show “Display”.

Assuming that the power and display are OK, wait for the unit to obtain a GPS lock. This should occur within about a minute, and will be signified by the green light on the unit and the leftmost red LED on the DASH1 display lighting, either flashing at 1Hz to indicate a doppler lock, or continuously lit to indicate a carrier lock. The number of satellites used can be viewed by entering the Display menu and selecting “Satellite Status”. For best accuracy, a carrier lock with at least 7 satellites used would be desirable.

If a trigger input is connected, the best way to test it is to configure both the start and end of brake testing to be triggered by pulse instead of speed. A dummy brake test can then be performed whilst stationary by arming the unit and then activating the start and end of the test using the trigger input. Refer to the configuration and operation instructions for details.

Page last modified on April 18, 2008, at 02:27 PM