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Introduction / FeaturesAndApplications


Key features of the BRAKEBOX include:

  • Typical braking distance accuracy of 2cm. Industry leading performance based on the very best GPS technology available at any price.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface. The system has a very simple menu driven interface meaning that a absolute minimum of training is required to use the system.
  • Optional printer output. As soon as the test is completed the results can be viewed on the screen and printed to an optional serial printer if a hardcopy is required.
  • Upgradeable firmware. The firmware of the BRAKEBOX is flash-upgradeable through the serial port of a PC.
  • Water resistant. The BRAKEBOX and display are housed within a machined aluminium billet casing that is water resistant to IP65 standard.
  • Software and documentation. The BRAKEBOX is supplied with a comprehensive software CD providing full instructions for installation, configuration, use and output data processing.


The BRAKEBOX is designed for any companies or individuals requiring accurate braking distances. Typical applications would include:

  • Tyre testing
  • Braking system testing (including ABS)
  • Suspension and chassis development
  • Road surface testing
  • Accident investigation

The unit can be fitted to cars, bikes, trains or boats.

With its simple user interface the BRAKEBOX can be used by engineers and technicians alike.

The BRAKEBOX is a superior replacement for 5th wheel installations, optical sensors and GPS based systems from other manufacturers.

Page last modified on April 18, 2008, at 11:28 AM