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LapTimingOnDASH3 / LapAndSectorScreens

Lap and Sector Screens

Lap and Sector screens are two special screens that are used to display the lap and sector specific data during logging. DASH3 switches to the Lap or Sector screen automatically at the end of a lap or a sector respectively. The amount of time that these screens are shown can be changed using the DASH3 menu system. Read the Warning and Lap time display section for information on changing warning and lap/sector display times.

Using the DASH3 configuration software users can configure these screens any way they like just as other user configurable screens in the DASH3. Please refer the DASH3 configuration software user manual for more details.

Following are the lap and sector specific variables. Each of these variables are explained in Lap timing operation section.

  • Best Sector time
  • Best Lap time
  • Predictive Current lap time 1 ( predictive lap time, based on actual lap time)
  • Predictive Current lap time 2 ( predictive lap time, base on theoretical lap time)
  • Number of current lap (Lap counter)
  • Number of current sector
  • Best sector delta
  • Best lap delta
  • Last lap time
  • Last sector time
Page last modified on January 26, 2016, at 07:08 AM