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Configuring and using the GPS3 receiver

The GPS3 is Race Technology's own, low cost, very high performance GPS receiver. It is configured to be used in high dynamic applications such as autosport and features a high rate output. Most commercial receivers can only track position at low speeds and low acceleration and update their position calculations a maximum of once per second. The GPS3 can track position at high speed and with accelerations over 4g, with potential update rates up to about 10Hz.

Setting output rates

Start the GPS3 configuration program, you will get a screen similar to this:

Select the port that the GPS3 module is connected to, then simply click the function required. For example, if the GPS3 is to be used with a DL90, then click the "setup for DL90" button. Please note that depending on the operation it can take up to several minutes to setup the GPS3, during which time you will get updates on the screen of progress. If you click the "setup for NMEA output" button after a few minutes you will get:

From here you can set up the messages you want to output at either 1Hz or 5Hz, once the messages are set up you must click the "save setup" button, otherwise all the setting will be lost after you remove power from the GPS3.

Power Requirements

The GPS3 requires 7v-15v DC input and a maximum current of about 100mA, depending on the antenna type used.

Please read the section about correct mounting of the GPS antenna!

Page last modified on July 02, 2015, at 10:13 AM