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LegacySoftware / MediaToVD4Convertor

Media to VD4 Convertor

Media to VD4 convertor is the program that you use to convert the video from third party video recorders to the VIDEO4 compatible format ( .VD4).

Once the source video has been converted to VD4 format then to the rest of the Race Technology software it looks just like VIDEO4 files. Converted video can be used, for playback, data analysis, post processing an overlay, uploading to YouTube or DVD generation.

When using the converted video with data for race analysis you need to manually synchronize them. More information on synchronizing data with video is available here.

The time taken to convert the source video to the VD4 format depends on two things.

  • Level of Compression of the source video
  • PC specification

Following section describes how to convert a video to the VD4 format using the Media to VD4 Convertor.

1. Click on the Media to VD4 convertor shortcut in the “Race Technology ->Video” to open the program.

2. Click on the button with ellipsis next to the File(s) text box in the Input Video section, after selecting the "Select File(s)" or "Search a directory path for VD4 files" options. This will open "file open dialog box" or "Browse for Folder" dialog based on the selection.

3. Use the File Open Dialog (If you select the "Select File(s)" option) to select a single or multiple videos for conversion.

Note that it shows only most commonly used media file formats in a directory and filters out all other files. If your video file(s) are not listed here, even if they are in the directory, type wild card characters *.* in the File name edit box and press Open. Then all files in the directory will be listed. After selecting the file(s), press "Open" button to add files to the input list.

4. If you specify a directory path using the Browse for folder dialog, Media to VD4 converter loads all VD4 files in that directory for conversion.

5. Media to VD4 convertor analyses the selected file(s), and based on the input video properties, it decides appropriate video type (NTSC or PAL) and the quality for the output video. If the resolution needs to be adjusted it will give you a message like following.

6. To adjust the output video options manually, select “Manually Specify Output format” check box in the Output Video section.

Following settings can be adjusted:

Video Type: PAL or NTSC
Video Quality: Video quality can be adjusted by setting the bit rate.
De-interlace: If the input video is a progressive one, it is not necessary to enable this option.
Keep Aspect ratio: This option will keep the aspect ratio of the original video. However this may cause black borders to appear in the video. (Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of the video to its height)

7. Specifying a different output path

By default, output video is created in the same directory as the input video. Furthermore output video is given the same name as the input video with the VD4 extension. If you want to change the output path, select the “Specify a different output path” check box and browse to the required directory.

8. Replacing the original input file

This option will delete the original input file after converting the video to output format with the same name.

9. Press the Convert button at the bottom right corner of the window to start the conversion. Following message will appear after a successful conversion.

Page last modified on July 02, 2015, at 11:38 AM