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LegacySoftware / RunSplitter

Run Splitter

Using the Run splitter you can split a given run file into a set of equal length run files. The length of the run files can be specified before start the splitting. This is especially useful when you want to analyze only a part of a large run file but you don’t want to load the entire run file into memory. If you are constrained by memory or processor power Run splitter will help you.

Following section describes you how to divide a given run File into set of equal length run files. Note that last file in the divided set may have a length smaller than the others.

Splitting a Run File

1. Open the run splitter by using the start menu shortcut Start Menu -> Programs -> RaceTechnologyVx -> Other -> Run Splitter

2. Select the Input run file path by clicking on the Browse button to the left of the Run File Path text box.

3. Select a Output Folder.

4. Enter a file name without an extention to the new set of run files to be created. At the end of each new run file name, sequential number will be added with the run extention.

5. Specify the File Length in seconds.

6. Click on the Start button to start splitting.

7. If you need to stop the file dividing operation while it takes place, click on the Stop button.

Page last modified on January 18, 2016, at 12:11 PM