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LiveMonitor / CustomLayouts-old

Custom Layouts

Note: The custom layouts feature is no longer available in Live Monitor. It has been replaced with the "Virtual Dashboard".

The custom layouts window allows individual variables to be displayed in a clear and concise format. A default layout is provided for general use, and can be modified for more specific applications.

Controls can be laid out on 4 different screens using the tabs at the top of the custom layouts window. The tabs are named Custom 1-4. Click on the tab to change to a different screen layout.

To modify a control: Right click on the control and select “Properties”.

To add a control: Right click on a blank section of the custom controls window and select “Add Control” and the type of control required.

Saving, Loading and Resetting Layout windows

Custom layout configurations can be saved using the menu item File -> Save configuration and can be reloaded using the menu item File -> Load configuration

File -> Clear all custom controls clears all controls in all four custom layout tab windows.

Load factory configuration will clear the custom layout windows and reloads the factory layout.

Custom Layouts – Control Types

  • Angular Gauge - An analogue dial.
  • Alphanumeric - A digital numerical display.
  • LED - Can be used as a simple single LED or a bar graph type display.
  • Linear Gauge - A horizontal or vertical slider.
  • Graph - An XY graph. Can be self-scaling or fixed values.
  • Text Tag - A simple text window for notes, labelling.
  • Track Map - A self-scaling display of GPS position and movement with street or satellite maps
Page last modified on November 16, 2020, at 11:25 AM