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OperatingTheDASH3 / ConfiguringShiftLightsOnDASH3

Configuring the shift lights

There are six LEDs on the face of the DASH3 (from left to right three amber and three red lights)

You can set shift lights to illuminate based on any variable sent by the data logger to the DASH3 (ex. an analog variable, engine RPM, etc.). You will be allowed to set threshold levels for the selected variable at which a given LED will be lit up.

If the shift lights are lit based on engine RPM, then you have the added option of setting threshold levels based on both the engine RPM and current gear. In this configuration a tacho input or a RPM sensor will have to be connected to the data logger.

Configuring the shift lights are carried out using the DASH3 configuration software. Read the Section on Configuring Shift Lights in DASH3 Configuration software manual for more information on this.

Page last modified on October 06, 2008, at 02:50 PM