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OperatingTheDASH3 / DisplayingTheLoggingStatus

Displaying the Logging status (2.4 Show Logging)

The status of an attached logger(whether logging or not) can be displayed on the DASH3.

1. Navigate to the menu item 2.4 Show Logging and press SELECT.

2. Use UP and DOWN button to select the 2.4.1 Show Logging ON option.

3. Press SELECT button to save the setting and return back to the normal display mode.

When Show Logging is On, the left-most shift light operates as a logging status indicator. The remaining five shift lights operate as normal.

When the data logger starts logging, DASH3 briefly displays Start Logging message in the middle of the screen and left most shift light will be illuminated.

Page last modified on October 07, 2008, at 03:56 PM