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OperatingTheDASH3 / LockingTheDASH3ToADataLogger

Locking the DASH3 to a data logger (5.3 Lock DASH3)

Just after production the DASH3 is programmed to operate with any data logging product from Race Technology (such as the DL1 or DL2). It is however possible to lock the DASH3 to work with only one data logger (DL1/DL2)

Note: Before progressing any further please make sure that you know the serial number of you Race Technology data logger. The serial number of the data logger can be found on the base of the unit. Alternatively you can find the serial number by loading a run file created by your logger into the RT Analalysis software and going to the Run Manager. The serial number will be displayed under Run details

The following method should be employed to lock the DASH3:

1. Enter menu display mode by pressing the MENU button.

2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons and navigate to menu item 5 Firmware Control in the main menu. Press SELECT button to enter into Firmware Control sub-menu.

3. Then use the UP/DOWN buttons to navigate to menu item 5.3 Lock DASH3.

4. If the device is already locked to a data logger it will display “Locked to unit xxxx only”on screen. Here “xxxx” denotes the serial number of the data logger that the DASH3 is locked into.

If the DASH3 is not locked it will display a random number. You should note down the random number and exit the menu by pressing the MENU button. You should then contact Race Technology to obtain an authorization key.

5. Once you receive the authorization key you should you should repeat steps 1 to 3 and when presented with the random code, should press the SELECT button. Then the message “Enter Authorization code” will be displayed on screen. Press the SELECT button to continue.

6. A number entry screen will be displayed, into which you have to enter the authorization code.

At first a flashing curser will appear. Press the UP and DOWN buttons and select the appropriate number. Press the SELECT button to confirm the entered number. The curser will progress to the next position to accept the next number.

If you made a mistake at any point in the number entry procedure, press the MENU button to exit the menu screen. You can the repeat stages 1 through 6 and re-enter the correct authorization code. Once the authorization code has been fully entered, press the SELECT button again to confirm the entered code.

7. If the authorization code you entered is incorrect the “Invalid authorization code” message will be displayed. In such a case please recheck your authorization code.

If you entered the correct authorization code you will be asked to enter the serial number of the data logger. Following this the DASH3 will be locked to your data logger.

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