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OperatingTheDASH3 / WarningAndSectorDisplayTimes

Setting Warning and Sector display times (4 Warning/lap time display)

The amount of time that warning messages or Lap/sector times are displayed on the screen can be configured from the DASH3 menu system.

1. Enter menu display mode by pressing the MENU button.

2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to display 4 Warning / Lap time display in the main menu and press SELECT.

3. Then use the UP/DOWN buttons to select the 4.1 Warning time or 4.2 Lap time option and press SELECT.

4. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to move the on screen slider and select the desired display duration. The minimum settable time duration is 1s while the maximum level is 99 seconds. If you attempt to set the duration to grater than 99s, the settable time will appear as On (which means that the screen will be permanently on).

Note: The duration that the Min/Max screen will be displayed is also equal to the warning time

5. Press SELECT to save the new setting. Display will be return back to the normal display mode.

Page last modified on October 06, 2008, at 04:11 PM