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Operation / TimeBetweenSpeedsMode

1. Time Between Speeds

The Time Between Speeds mode will automatically start and stop data logging when certain trigger speeds are reached. These speeds are set up in the configuration menu for the AX22. This timing mode is selected from the summary run menu. When selected, the unit will check if enough memory is available to store the run. If there is insufficient space, a message will be displayed informing you of the lack of memory, and the unit will return to the acceleration menu. You will have to erase the current data before any more runs can be performed. If there is sufficient memory the display will change to start the run. The meter will then calibrate itself, after which it is ready to start timing.

Ready to Start
0.00g 0.10g

Start moving whenever you are ready. The timer will start as soon as the Trigger g-Force value is exceeded. This is set to 0.10g by default but can be changed in the configure menu.

Depending on the start speed and end speed that is selected there are 3 different scenarios possible when timing between speeds:

  • Acceleration timing starts from 0mph
  • Acceleration timing starting from a non-zero speed
  • Braking timing

1.1 Acceleration timing starting from 0mph

As timing is being performed, the display will be updated every time a 10mph threshold is passed displaying the speed, g-force, time and distance.

20mph 0.40g
2.16s 45ft

At the end of the run, the display will change to:

0.0 - 60.0mph
6.46s 370ft

This shows that to accelerate from 0 to 60mph took 6.46 seconds and during that time a distance of 370ft was covered. Pressing any button here will go to the data storage screen as shown in 5.5.

1.2 Acceleration timing NOT starting from 0mph

If the start speed is not zero then the display will change to show:

Get to 60.0mph

When the start speed is reached, the timer will start automatically and operation will continue as for timing from zero speed.

1.3 Braking Timing

There are two methods of starting the braking timing, either by letting the Meter track the speed up to the start speed, or by indicating that you have reached the start speed manually:

Letting the Meter track the speed

Accelerate briskly, during this time the display will show.

Get to 60.0mph

When you are going faster than the start speed the display will change to:

Start Braking

As the vehicle decelerates past the start speed the timing will start.

1.4 Timing the Braking Run

During braking, timing will stop when either the target speed is reached, or, if the speed is less than 10mph, when the deceleration stops. If the deceleration stops the unit will assume the vehicle has also stopped.

At the end of the braking run, the data will be displayed in the same way as for timing acceleration.

1.5 Ending a Timed Run

Pressing any button during a timed run will finish the run. If the option to view the intervals is set, the AX22 will go through each page of the data in turn

Use the up or down button to toggle whether the run is stored or not. After this the unit will return to the start menu.

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