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Operation / TimeQuarterMileMode

1.  Time Quarter Mile

1.1  Starting a quarter mile run

Once you are ready to start timing the vehicle acceleration, select one of the Acceleration Timing modes. The Unit will check if enough memory is available to store the run. If there is insufficient space, a message will be displayed informing you of the lack of memory, and the Unit will return to the acceleration menu. You will have to erase the current data before any more runs can be performed. If there is sufficient memory the display will change to start the run. The meter will then calibrate itself, after which it is ready to start timing.

Ready to Start
0.00g 0.10g

Start moving whenever you are ready. The timer will start as soon as the Trigger g-Force value is exceeded. This is set to 0.10g by default but can be changed in the configure menu.

As timing is started, the display will change to:

60mph 60ft
6.4s 3.2s

The speed and distance targets will change as they are exceeded during the quarter mile run. These show the points at which data is available. They are: end of rollout, 60ft, 330ft, 660ft and 1320ft for distance, and 60 and 100mph for speed.

With metric units selected, the distance are: end of rollout (20cm or 30cm), 18m, 101m, 201m, and 402m for distance, and 100 and 160kph for speed

When the quarter mile run is finished. The display will change to:

1/4 Mile 0.01g
9.97s 132.2mph

Pressing any button here will go to the data storage screen

1.2  Ending a Timed Run

Pressing any button during a timed run will finish the run. If Time Quarter Mile is aborted the Unit will return to the acceleration menu. If Timed Over Distance is aborted, the run will be stopped at the current position and the data displayed. If Time Between Speeds is stopped, the run will be stopped at the last 10mph increment passed, if none have been passed then the meter will return to the start menu. Pressing any button whilst on the Ready to Start screen will abort the run.

If there is data which can be stored after a run you will see the following:

Store? No
100.0% 2.0%

Use the up or down button to toggle whether the run is stored or not. After this the Unit will return to the start menu.

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