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OperationOfTheRTLIVEWebSite / SettingsPage


Using the settings page you can configure the following:

1. Display units - distance units, temperature units, power , pressure, and Mass.

2. Data necessary to calculate power.

3. Variables to show on the Dials on the Live data page.

4. Configure the alarms, Currently up to 5 alarms can be configured.

5. Selecting a lap file to be used with the run data.

6. Configure System notifications based on start/end of runs and alarms triggered. You can enter different email and mobile phone numbers for each notification.

7. Enable/Disable run table columns and reorder them

  • You can select which columns to display on the run table on the Home tab by using this section.
  • You can rearrange column order by dragging and dropping the columns to desired location.
Page last modified on April 24, 2018, at 09:48 AM