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OptionsAndSettings / DisplayOptions

Display Options

This window is divided into 5 major groups as Numerical Readouts, Analogue control, Graph, Data grid and Test results.

The Numerical readouts section configures the 3 labels displayed on live data section. For these three labels user can specify a variable and number of decimal places needed to be shown.

The Analogue control section helps to configure 2 analogue controls displayed in live data section. By selecting the auto scale option user can configure it as auto scale, and to configure as manual scale has to unselect this option and specify the minimum and maximum values.

In the Graph section similar to the analogue control options section the user can configure the graph for manual or auto scale.

The data grid section is mainly used to configure live data grid. The user can hide the grid using “Hide data grid” option and lock the data grid by selecting “lock grid layout” option. This option should be used after connecting device and when the live data grid displays the data, because normally live data grid removes the non updating variables and adds newly updated variables. If user locks the data grid, system will not remove non updated variables and will not add new variables further. Also user can see the update rate on data grid and can hide the update rates by unselecting a “Show update rate” option.

With the selection in test results section user can display or hide the test graph and performance table results.

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