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PerformanceMonitor / Introduction


How to use performance monitor software

When the performance monitor software starts it will detect the available serial ports, scripts, test results and configuration data.

To perform a new test

  • First write the script for the required test in accordance with the Scripting Language definition.
  • Also configure the live data section with display options to display the required data for the test.
    • Click on the Live data section and select "Live data options" menu item
    • Configure the display options

  • Next select the speed box connected serial port and set baud rate and press the Connect button.
  • If you are ready to start a test then press the Start Test button to execute the selected test script.
  • After completing the test, software will display the test results on Results explorer and graph. It will help you to do some more analysis with the test data.

Analyse data

After performing a test the user can see the test data at any time by selecting a test on the Results explorer. If the user performs multiple tests all the tests are listed and he can analyse all the data one by one.

Page last modified on August 30, 2013, at 01:27 PM