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QuickStartGuide / InstallingTheDASH1InYourVehicle

Installing the DASH1 in your vehicle


The DASH1 has 4 mounting lugs machined into its case. These are designed to be used with M4 screws (not supplied) to mount the DASH1 in your vehicle. Please take care not to damage the vehicle interior when mounting the DASH1. For a temporary mounting, or if you are going to be moving the DASH1 from vehicle to vehicle, it is advised that you use heavy duty Velcro™ type tape, such as 3M Dual-Lock to mount the unit.


The DASH1 is provided with a built in cable and 9-way d-type connector. This should be connected to the serial output from your data logger or performance meter. When used with a DL1 or AX22 this connector plugs directly into the data logger serial port. When used with a DL2 the DASH2 connector will need to be connected via the serial adapter cable provided with the DL2. Please note that the DASH1 takes its power supply through this cable and will be powered whenever there is power supplied to the data logger.

IMPORTANT: If you did not buy the DASH1 at the same time as your DL1 you will need to re-flash the DL1 with the latest version of the firmware. Also note that once you have flashed your DL1, you MUST use Version 6 of the Analysis software as it will not work with prior versions. For details on re-flashing the DL1 please contact for the latest firmware and installation instructions.

Page last modified on September 27, 2007, at 03:15 PM