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QuickStartGuide / InstallingTheVOBInYourVehicle

Installing the VOB in your vehicle


The VOB has two slots down each side for the mounting lugs. The mounting lugs are used to permanently mount the VOB into your vehicle. These can be attached in two ways. After slotting the lugs into your VOB, you can screw the mounting lugs directly into your vehicle, please note that this will damage the interior of your vehicle. Alternatively for the DL1, as the VOB is the same width, you can take two pairs of mounting lugs, and slide them into the DL1 and VOB so the screw holes are facing each other, and use nuts and bolts to clamp the VOB on top/underneath the DL1. Please note that this is not an option with the DL2, but the VOB can be mounted underneath the AX22.

It is advised great care is taken while you mount the unit within the vehicle. For a more temporary solution, or if you are going to be moving the unit from vehicle to vehicle, it is advised that you use either Blu-Tak™ or Velcro™ pads or a strip to mount the unit into your vehicle.


There is only one cable to connect the VOB to your Data Logging Unit. This will have an RS-232 Serial Connector if it is to be used with the AX22 and the DL1. This is to be connected to the Serial Port on the AX22 or the Serial Port on the front of the DL1 (the side with the buttons). Alternatively, if you have purchased your VOB to be used with the DL2, then the connector will be a 12 pin round Binder 423 Series Male Bulkhead. This should be connected to Conn-2 on the rear of the DL2 unit. Please note, that the VOB draws it’s power through this cable, and will be turned on whenever there is power to the Data Logging Unit.

Also, the VOB connects to your video hardware via BNC connectors. There is an input and output BNC connector on the rear of the VOB. These connect to your camera and recorder/display respectively.

IMPORTANT: If you did not buy the VOB at the same time as your DL1, then you may need to re-flash the DL1. Also note that once you have flashed your DL1, you MUST use Version 6 of the Analysis software as it will not work with prior versions. For details on re-flashing the DL1, contact for procedure and the latest firmware.

Page last modified on September 27, 2007, at 03:42 PM