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RTAnalysisRunDatabase / HowAndWhereIsTheDataStoredOnMyPC

How and where is the data stored on my PC

Typically there is no requirement for user to access the database directories directly, however under some circumstances it is useful to understand how the system works, for example if you are changing PC and want to move your files from one computer to another.

The absolute location of the data files depends on the configuration of the PC, the directory is displayed in the analysis options:

For a typical installation on XP, the data is in the applications data directory:

The “root directory” for the run database is called “RunDataBase”. Within this we have:

  • “CarFiles” for the vehicle configuration files
  • “LapFiles” for the lap and sector definition files
  • “LayoutFiles” for the screen layout files
  • “OptionsFiles” for general configuration files
  • “SimFiles” for simulation configuration files
  • “VariableFiles” for variable setup file

You can simple add or remove files from these directories, and the analysis program will find them automatically.

There is then a number of directories named with a number, this is a unique number associated with each run. If we look in any of these directories we fill find something similar to:

For each run we have the associated configuration files, these are all the files that were last used with this run. In this case we also have the VD4 (video) file that was associated with the run. Finally we also have a human readable text file called “Details.txt” this contains information about the run, for example the time is was logged, name of the run, ambient conditions, driver etc. Normally this file is just left, however if required it can be manually edited.

When the analysis program starts up the whole directory structure is scanned, so it’s possible to delete directories without causing any problems. The only thing that cannot be edited is the unique number that is associated with the run – if this is changed then the run will not be recognised.

Page last modified on November 21, 2013, at 01:42 PM