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RTConfiguringVIDEO4Unit / AutoStartStopRecording

Auto Start/Stop recording

Auto Start/Stop Recording feature allows you to add Auto Start/Stop recording conditions to your graphics overlay file during the design. Once the overlay file is loaded into the VIDEO4 system and if Auto start condition is met, VIDEO4 system starts recording and it will continue until the Auto Stop Condition become true.

It is possible to set either of these conditions or both of them as required. To disable a condition set the ‘Condition’ property value to ‘Not Active’.

A trigger delay is available for both the auto start conditions and auto stop conditions. The trigger delay is the time (in seconds) that the condition has to be “true” for before the unit is automatically started or automatically stopped. If no trigger delay is required then this can simple be set to 0.

For example, if for auto start we have the variable set to speed, condition of >, value of 10, and trigger time of 2. In this case the unit will automatically start logging when the detected speed was over 10 for 2 seconds. Note that the units of speed are as they are set up in the variable manager, so depending on the configuration this might be “10mph” or “10kph” or “10m/s” for example.


  • The units used here are as set in the variable screen of the software, for example is speed is set to be in MPH in the variable list then you must enter the speeds in MPH to this screen.
  • Start Recording (including autostart) will only operate if the autostop is already false. For example:
Autostart when speed >5 for 5 seconds, and autostop when speed <10 for 20 seconds will result in the autostart never triggering, this has been added to prevent the VIDEO4 recoding lots of very short files.
  • If you try to manually start the VIDEO4 with the front button, but the autostop is already true then the VIDEO4 will not start logging, to indicate this error condition the Power LED will briefly go out.
  • For racing Race Technology recommends:
Autostart when speed >10 for 0 seconds and autostop when speed <5 for 5 seconds
This is result in the unit starting to record as soon as the vehicle is moving fast than 10 (kph or mph, depending on the units in the variable manager) and will automatically stop when the speed drops below 5 for at least 5 seconds.

Adding Auto Start/Stop conditions

Following steps describe how to add a condition that evaluates to true when speed exceeds 100 kph ( Speed > 100 ) and a post trigger time of 5 seconds.

1. Click Configeration -> Auto Start/Stop Recording to open the Auto Start/Stop dialog.

2. Select a variable from the ‘Variable’ combo box.

3. Select the condition from the ‘Condition’ combo box. (Selecting ‘Not Active’ will disable the condition)

4. Enter the threshold value to the ‘Value’ field and the trigger time in the ‘Trigger Time’ field.

5. Click ‘OK’ button to save the condition and close the dialog.

Similarly you can enter the stop conditions as well.
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