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RTProgramLauncher / ProgramLauncherModes

Program launcher modes (Race and Industrial)

During the installation time of RT setup package, you can select list of applications that best suits your needs.

  • Selecting “install all racing software” will configure Program launcher to start in Race Mode.
  • Selecting “Install all industrial software” will configure Program launcher to start in Industrial mode.
  • Selecting other modes will not install the program launcher.

There are some differences between these two modes:

  • The list of programs available in Race and Industrial modes are little bit different.
  • System configuration assistant is available in Race mode only
  • Professional configuration software screen is available in Industrial mode only.
  • Run Processor and Performance Monitor software programs are available in Industrial mode only.

Note: Some users may want to use the both modes. To do that simply edit the Program launcher shortcut on the desktop and remove the command line parameter (/Race or /IND). Then it will show you a small dialog at the start-up, which you can select the mode to start with.

Page last modified on February 02, 2016, at 11:03 AM