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RTProgramLauncher / ProgramLauncherScreensAndSections

Program launcher screens and sections

The program launcher screen has three panes

1. Left pane

Contains option buttons for switching between different screens and links to offline help, online help, Website and to the support page on the website

Race mode Industrial mode

2. Middle pane

This section shows the following screens based on the selected option using the left pane:

  • System configuration assistant (Race Mode)

  • Professional configuration software page (Industrial mode)

  • Race Technology software page

  • Legacy software products page

Last two screens are common to both Race and Industrial modes. But listed programs will be little bit different based on the mode.

3. Bottom pane

This section contains frequently used programs by the users. The applications shown here depends on the mode you select.

Race mode:

Industrial mode:

Page last modified on February 02, 2016, at 11:03 AM