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RTVideoSoftware / Introduction


Race Technology supports 2 different ways of handling video:


Using the VIDEO4 you can record fully synchronised video and data onto a single data card which can then be imported into any of Race Technology’s program, for playback, data analysis, post processing an overlay, uploading to youtube or DVD generation. This is the most powerful, fastest and flexible way to handle video.

For an overview of using video sourced from a VIDEO4 and a overview of how the software can be used see here.

Video from a 3rd party source

If you already have a video recording system then you can take video from this and using Race Technology’s Media to VD4 conversion program convert it into a suitable format for use in Race Technology’s programs. The advantage in this case is that the customer can use his own video recording hardware, and still access the power of Race Technology’s software. The disadvantage is that the video does required conversion which can take a significant time (depending on the video type and PC specification), and unless extra hardware is purchased then the video has to be manually synchronised.

For an overview of using video sourced from a 3rd party video recorder and an overview of how software can be used, please see here.

Page last modified on January 11, 2019, at 02:05 PM