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RTVideoSoftware / RTMapGenerator

The Map Generator

Race Technology MAP files (.map) can hold information about two types of internet maps (Satellite & Road maps) with three different qualities (High, Medium and Low) related to a specific location. Any combination of map type and quality can co-exists in a single MAP file.

Currently map files are used in following ways:

  • with VIDEO4 combined video/data logger system
  • with RT Analysis Video export

Generating a map file

To generate a map file

  • You can use a run data file
  • Can manually enter the GPS coordinates of the area which you want to generate the map

Generating a map file by using a RUN data file

1. Open the “Map file generator” using the Start Menu -> Programs -> Race Technology V7 -> Map File Generator shortcut.

2. Click on the Browse button at the top right corner of the window to open the file open dialog box. Then select a run file and open it.

3 Map File Generator processes the run file and extracts the Longitude and Latitude values from the run file. They are displayed as follows. If necessary you can change these values, however it is not normally required.

4. Click the Generate button. You will be asked to specify a name and a location to save the map file. Give a descriptive name and save the map file.

Note: Map files must be renamed to comply with 8.3 file format to work with the VIDEO4 system.

For an example or are valid file names.
But is not a valid name; since it has 9 characters in its name part.

Generating a map file by manually entering the map coordinates

Map files can be generated without using a run data file. To do this you have to manually enter the longitude and latitude coordinates of the area that you going to cover. Then click the "Generate" button to generate the map.

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