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RTVideoSoftware / RTVideoPlayback

Video Playback

The Video Playback application allows you to view the video footage that you have recorded using the VIDEO4 system.

Since the VIDEO4 encodes as standard MPEG2 files other applications should be able to play the footage from it, we have successfully tested with a number of players and the only one we are aware of problems with is VLC.

The video playback software has been optimised for the MPEG2 file structure produced by the VIDEO4 and as such features very fast random frame access and low CPU usage during playback. It is also simple to use and is not dependent on any particular "codecs" being installed on the users machine.

PLEASE NOTE: The files produced by the VIDEO4 can be automatically recognised and played other players simply by changing the file extension on the end of the file from VD4 to MPG. The file itself is in standard MPEG2 format.

Page last modified on January 11, 2019, at 02:07 PM