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ReflashingTheDASH3 / UsingTheConfigurationSoftware

Using the Configuration Software

Note: You will require a special connector to connect the DASH3 to the PC (not shipped with the DASH3). For more information please contact Race Technology.

1. Start the DASH3 configuration programme and click on the File -> Reflash Device option from the menu. It will bring up the following message.

2. If you are sure you need to re-flash the DASH3, click on Yes. The following dialogue box will appear:

3. Select which serial port the data logger is connected to.

4. Click on the browse button to select the firmware file that should be used to re-flash the DASH3. It is essential that you select the correct firmware file, if you do not, then the reflash will fail.

5. Once you click the Reflash button, the program will attempt to re-flash the DASH3. The procedure may take a couple of minutes, the progress of the reflashing will be shown in the status field of the dialogue box:

6. During reflashing DASH3’s turns off the backlight and displays the message Programming...

7. When reflashing completes successfully, DASH3 turns on the backlight and following message appears is given by the software:

If for any reason reflash fails, DASH3 displays the following message.

Invalid Main App
Please Restart

Restart the DASH3 and start the reflashing procedure from the beginning.

Page last modified on October 08, 2008, at 05:07 PM