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ReflashingTheDASH3 / UsingTheDataLogger

Using the Data logger

In this case, either a DL1 or DL2 can be used as the reflashing tool.

1. Insert a compact flash card into the flash card reader attached to your computer and format it into FAT16 file format.

2. Copy the required firmware upgrade file to the card. For the DASH3, the firmware file will be called DASH.HEX. it should be the only file present on the flash card. The presence of other files can confuse the logger and lead to unpredictable results.

3. Connect the DASH3 to the data logger as normal. Then turn on the data logger.

4. Wait until data communications between the logger and DASH3 has been established. This will be evident by the message Start Logging... being displayed on the DASH3 display.

5. Insert the compact flash card into the logger.

6. Reflasing will be automatically started. While the DASH3 is being reflashed, it will turn off the backlight and displays the message Programming.... Do not turn off the data logger while the reflashing procedure is underway.

7. When reflash completes successfully, backlight will be turned on again and it gives the message Reflash success. Once finished the firmware upgrade, file should be removed from the CF card.

Note: Do not leave dash.hex on the CF card, otherwise it slows down startup time and increases the risk of a unit failure.

8. If for any reason reflash fails, DASH3 displays the following message

Invalid Main App
Please Restart

Turn off the datalogger and turn it again and start the reflashing procedure from the beginning.

Page last modified on September 04, 2008, at 12:11 PM