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SPEEDBOX20 / Operation

Operating the SPEEDBOX20

Powering up and Initialising the SPEEDBOX20

Once the SPEEDBOX20 has been installed and connected, as described in the installation instructions, it can be powered up. When it is powered, the SPEEDBOX20 will automatically commence its initialisation routine. Within a few seconds the unit will begin to produce output data from the accelerometer. Meanwhile, the SPEEDBOX20 will search for a satellite lock. This may take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on conditions. It is therefore recommended that the SPEEDBOX20 is powered up at least ten minutes before use, to ensure that the initialisation process is completed before any testing commences. The SPEEDBOX20 continuously provides GPS status messages over the CAN output in the following format:


Default address

Data bytes 1-4

Data bytes 5-8


Byte 1: SPEEDBOX20 status:

0x00: Power on, no GPS signal.

0x01: Not enough satellites locked for solution.

0x02: At least 4 satellites locked, but unable to reach solution.

0x03: Correct operation.

0x06: GPS signal detected, no satellites found.

Byte 2: Version number (major)

Byte 3: Version number (intermediate)

Byte 4: Version number (minor)

Byte 5: Number of satellites used in GPS solution

Taking measurements with the SPEEDBOX20

When normal operation is established, the SPEEDBOX20 will provide continuous data over all of the output channels. It is ready to commence testing. The outputs from the SPEEDBOX20 are designed to be logged by a PC or data logger. They can also be connected to a Race Technology dashboard, if a real time in-vehicle display is required. Alternatively, the Race Technology monitor software can be used to view the output data in real time, via a serial connection to a laptop or PC.

Lights on the unit

The SPEEDBOX20 has two LED indicators. These are labelled “Power” and “Status”.

The power (red) LED is continuously on when power is applied to the unit. If it fails to illuminate when power is applied please check the power supply.

The status (green) LED will either be off, flashing or continuously on. This will indicate the status of the GPS lock obtained by the unit. The meaning of the output is:

• Continuously off: No GPS lock.

• Short flashes at 1Hz: GPS lock, without carrier (speed is from Doppler).

• Long flashes at 1Hz: GPS lock with carrier.

• Continuously on (RTK only): RTK solution obtained.

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