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SPEEDBOXMINI / Specifications

SPEEDBOX MINI Specifications

SPEEDBOX MINI Accuracy Specification


  1. 50% CEP.
  2. Straight-line testing through laser traps, including harsh acceleration and braking.
  3. Unfiltered 200Hz output during dynamic manouvering with good GPS lock.
  4. Assumes good GPS lock, 20Hz measurements filtered over a 2s window.

SPEEDBOX MINI General Specification


  1. Either roll or pitch is available for the RTK option, not both simultaneously.
  2. A 6g factory option is available (resolution 2.94mg).
  3. This is the measurement resolution of the sensor, available internally to the SPEEDBOX MINI for calculations. Depending on the output message chosen, the full resolution may not be available in the output.
  4. Latency of the speed output, or all INS system outputs, compared to their timestamp, or when output using DAC.
  5. Weight and dimensions are for the base unit only excluding protruding connectors, and excluding any antennas. Please refer to the detailed drawings for further clarification.
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