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SettingUpAlarms / CancelingAndClearingAlarms

Canceling and Clearing Alarms

  • An Alarms is immediately activated when the reading goes below the lower threshold (low alarm value) or exceed the upper threshold value (high alarm value).
  • The alarm then displayed for the time that has been set using the DASH3 menu item 4.1 Warning Time.
  • All alarms checked after every 30 seconds since they were last displayed. If they are below or above the lower or upper thresholds, then alarm message is displayed again for each variable.

Cancelling Alarm messages

If you press any button on the DASH3 during the time that the alarm is displayed on screen, alarm message will be cancelled giving the message Alarm Cancelled.

After the 30 seconds from the cancellation, DASH3 again check for the alarm conditions for that variable. If the one of the conditions are met alarm will be shown again.

Clearing and disabling alarms until DASH3 restarts

If any button is pressed and held for more than one second (long button press) then the alarm will be cleared and not shown again unless it goes through an upper or lower threshold. Just staying above or below a threshold will not cause it to be displayed again.

If an alarm is cleared with a long button press twice in succession during a session, then it will be de-activated until the DASH3 restarts. A message Alarm disabled will be shown. Note that this disables the alarm that has displayed and has no effect on other alarms.

If there are multiple alarms and wanted to cancel them all, you have to cycle over them to make sure all are displayed.

Page last modified on October 08, 2008, at 04:53 PM