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Video Overlay designer

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Video Overlay designer application greatly simplifies the configuring of data overlays for video export feature of Analysis software. It comes with several factory data overlays which can be further customized to your requirements.

This image shows Video Overlay Designer loaded with a data overlay.
This video snapshot is taken from a video exported using Analysis Video Export. The data overlay in the above image has been used as the overlay.

Following are some factory configured layouts available with Video overlay designer:

There are two main steps to follow when using data overlays for video export:

Step 1

Use the Video overlay designer to configure the screens. A "screen" is a container which can hold any data layout which you select from the "Select Layout" drop down list. Screen with a data layout is called an "Overlay" (in Analysis Video export).

In the above screenshot, layouts applied to the screens 1 to 6 are shown in parenthesis.

Step 2

The "Select Layout" drop down list in Analysis Video export dialog shows the same list of screens you configure using the "Video Overlay Designer". Select a layout and proceed with video export. Note that the changes you made to the data overlay screens using Video overlay designer will be instantly available to Analysis video export.

Configuring Video Overlays

The user interface and the main functions of Video overlay designer is very similar to the Virtual Dashboard Designer; hence the instructions for configuring virtual dashboard screens are almost same for configuring video overlays.

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