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Software / VideoSoftware

Introduction to Video support

Race Technology’s software is optimised to work with the GoPro range of action cameras. It might also work with other makes of cameras, but we only test with GoPro MP4 files. Crucially the autosync based on embedded GPS data will only work with GoPro format files.

There are 3 programs that support video:

  1. Analysis. This is the main application which both allows detailed data-by-video analysis, and also generates exported video with graphics overlays.
  2. Video Export Layout Designer. This allows completely customised graphics overlay to be designed. The overlays can then be used in analysis video export.
  3. Video Playback. For convenience we also supply a simple video playback application.
  4. GoPro Video Joiner.

Note that the full resolution video export, and the data-by-video analysis does require an option license from Race Technology.

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