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Specification / DataMK1


Serial data format

All multi byte data is little endian, there are 18 bytes in each data packet consisting of the following: 4 bytes of header data 12 bytes of sensor data 1 byte time stamp, counts up to 100 then resets to zero 1 byte checksum

Header data

This is always 0xBD 0x10 0x32, 0x00

Sensor data

6 x 2 byte words of data, twos complement, LSB first Bytes Description 1,2 X-axis acceleration 3,4 Y-axis acceleration 5,6 Z-axis acceleration 7,8 X-axis gyro 9,10 Y-axis gyro 11,12 Z-axis gyro

To convert compensated accelerometer data to g, multiply by A/215 To convert compensated gyro data to 0/sec, multipy by G/215

Where A=2, G=150 for 2g 150o/s and A=10, G=300 for 10g 300o/s

Time stamp

Increments with each packet of data sent wraps around to 0 after 255


The checksum byte is calculated by XORing all the other bytes in the data packet together, including the header bytes.

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