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SynchronizingGoProVideo / UsingAControlLead

Automatic Synchronization Using a Control Lead

This is the simplest method of synchronization and involves connecting the data logger to the GoPro with the GoPro control lead, this can be ordered with the DL1 SPORT, DL1 CLUB and DL1 MK3 with the latest firmware.

This control lead automatically starts the GoPro when the DL1 starts logging, and stops the GoPro when the DL1 stops logging. Since the data and video start and stop at the same time, it is very simple for the Analysis system to synchronize the data and video.

This method is simple, the only downside is that it requires a physical connection between the DL1 and the GoPro. In some cases this is not an issue, but in the case where the GoPro is outside the car then it can be inconvenient, and it is also difficult to keep the GoPro waterproof when there is a cable attached.

Page last modified on January 21, 2019, at 09:30 AM