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UBLOXDataFormat / NAV-POSLLHGeodeticPositionSolution

Description Geodetic position solution
Comment This message outputs the Geodetic position in the currently selected Ellipsoid. The default is the WGS84 Ellipsoid, but can be changed with the message CFG-DAT
Message structure Header ID Length Payload Checksum
0xB5 0x62 0x01 0x02 28 28 bytes CK_A CK_B
Payload contents:
Byte offset Number format Scaling Name Unit Purpose/Comment
0 U4 - ITOW ms GPS millisecond time of week
4 I4 1e-7 LON deg Longitude
8 I4 1e-7 LAT deg Latitude
12 I4 - HEIGHT mm Height above Ellipsoid
16 I4 - HMSL mm Height above mean sea level
20 U4 - HAcc mm Horizontal accuracy estimate
24 U4 - VAcc mm Vertical accuracy estimate
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