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UsingConfigurationSoftware / AddingAStartupBitmap

Adding a start-up Bitmap

Click on Configuration -> Add Startup Bitmap menu item to bring up the Add Startup Bitmap dialog.

You can use this window to add a start-up bitmap image to the DASH3.

  • Use the Browse option to select the Bitmap image that you require and press the Add button. Image size must be 128 pixels width and 32 pixels height.
  • You may remove the bitmap by clicking on the Remove button.

When you add a bitmap image, Configuration software does the following.

  • if it is a colour image, it will be converted to black and white.
  • when image contains shades of colour, it will remove some shades, and remaining shades are converted to either black or white depending on the intensity of the colour.

It could be happen that your image looks not clear as you expected because of the internal processing done. Because of that you are advised to use a single colour bitmap that contains minimum amount of shading.

Page last modified on October 09, 2008, at 01:49 PM