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Frequently asked questions

How does the lap and sector timing work without a beacon?
Because the system knows itís position on the track from the GPS data, to mark the point as a lap or sector you simply press a button on the DL2/DL1/AX22. The DL2/DL1/AX22 then calculates the lap and sector times every time you subsequently pass that point on the track and transmits them to the dashboard for display.

If the GPS data is 5Hz, does this mean the times have a resolution of 0.2 seconds?
No, the system calculates the position very accurately and the lap times have a resolution of 0.01 seconds. Sector times are generally far more accurate than a traditional lap beacon system.

Can I directly compare the lap sector times from the display and the analysis software?
Yes, the track markers can be imported and exported from the analysis software.

Can the VOB be used on itís own?
No, itís designed to read a serial stream and doesnít have any other inputs.

Can the VOB be used without a camera?
Yes, if there is no video signal present the data will be displayed on a blue background

Do I have to be monitoring a channel for the alarms to work?
No, all incoming data is monitored continuously to check against the upper and lower warning limits, so even if a variable is not being displayed, the warning will still be shown.

How do I get the setup data from the DL2/DL1/AX22 onto the VOB?
The setup file is put onto the compact flash card, it is then sent automatically from the logger to the VOB when the logger is powered up.

Page last modified on October 01, 2007, at 05:21 PM