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VOB / TechnicalSpecification


Controls1, 10mm button for selecting display screen
Power Supply Requirements12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 15v. Current consumption of approximately 50mA.
Case ConstructionExtruded aluminium with machined fibreglass front and back panels.
Connector TypeSerial port 9 way d-type,. Video in/out BNC
Main Processor40MHz RISC with embedded flash program memory
Serial PortFixed at a baud rate of 115200 baud for receiving information the standardised serial stream from our data logging products. Also used for re flashing, diagnostics and configuration.
Dimensions100mm x 30mm x 65mm (W x D x H)
TemperatureFactory tested from 0C to 70C
Video Level0.7v pk-pk composite video. NTSC or PAL (specify at time of ordering)
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