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Video4Controller / OtherOptions

Other Options

There are a few other useful options in the Video4 Controller.

Deleting video files from the VIDEO4 system

To delete video files from the VIDEO4 system’s CF card:

  1. Select the video file from the “select video file” drop down list
  2. Click on the Delete File button.
  3. Press ‘Yes’ to the confirmation message, if are sure about deleting.

Format Disc

This command is used to format the compact flash card that is attached to the VIDEO4 system.

Start Loopback and Stop Loopback

The Start Loopback command’s functionality is similar to recording, except it does not save the data to the CF card. This command can be used to simulate the functionally of recording whilst checking whether system is working properly.

Stop Loopback stops the Loopback.

Page last modified on April 03, 2008, at 01:52 PM