DL1 CLUB - Our most popular data logger

The DL1 CLUB is very simple to install and use, but with a huge amount of power and flexibility as your requirements increase. It iss suitable for use from an occasional track day user to full professional factory teams.

Operation is similar to the DL1 SPORT, you simply connect power, put the GPS antenna on the vehicle roof and you are ready to log data. For more advanced applications, the DL1 CLUB, it is capable of being used for anything you could reasonably want of a data logging system:

  • Add up to 12 external sensors, e.g. temperature and pressure
  • Real time advanced lap timing and time-slip to show when you are gaining and losing time
  • Sample channels at up to 100Hz
  • Optional GoPro control + video licence, for synchronised HD video and DL1 data
  • Connect directly to many different ECUs with NO external adapter
  • Add up to 4 wheel speed sensors
  • USB connection to the PC for configuration and the live monitor
  • Connect to one of our dashboards, including the DASH2, DASH2PRO and DASH4PRO
  • Collect and output CAN data using 2 independant full speed CAN ports
  • Control external loads and devices, eg cooling valves or large warning lights
  • Power real-time processing, advanced filtering, and maths channels
  • Check braking points and grip usage with the built in 3-axis accelerometer
  • Unrivalled accuracy with our 20Hz GPS option

The DL1 CLUB can be used standalone, or in combination with our other products including:

  • DASH2, for a full size road legal race display, displays sensor data, ECU data, lap timing and more
  • DASH2PRO, for a full size road legal race display, displays sensor data, ECU data, lap timing. The DASH2PRO has lots of additional inputs and options
  • DASH4PRO, a compact data display ideal for formula cars or where an additional or secondary display is required
  • RT LIVE, adds telemetry and remote logging
  • ANALOG8, adds even more external channels for more analaog sensor inputs

 Simon Tilling - Tilling Motorsport

"At the beginning of the year we set out to build a car that was capable of breaking the GT lap record at Castle Combe that had stood for over 10 years. Working with a Radical Performance engines developed turbocharged 1300cc engine capable of producing 350bhp we integrated the DL1 and DASH2 into the Life engine management system via the RT CAN interface. This allowed us to monitor and log all of the channels from the ECU without the addition of extra sensors or wiring. This configuration proved utterly reliable throughout a long hard season's racing and the results speak for themselves" - Simon Tilling

  • Nine pole positions
  • Seven Wins
  • Eight fastest laps
  • New Lap record
  • Class A Championship winner Outright Championship winner

Malcolm Edeson -

"I've been a driver coach for over 20 years and have used data logging and video in some form for most of that, but only the last 5 years or so with Race Technology products. Initially it was that the products were affordable, portable and equally as good at providing the information I was looking for as the more expensive products. I soon realised that in fact they gave me more, and as Race Technology are extremely customer focused, they have evolved their products to be even better and they are now an integral part of the work I do (training race and trackday drivers). The data and video applications help me to improve a driver's performance at a considerably higher rate as drivers are essentially visual in the way they take things in.

As well as using the products myself, many of my clients have bought their own systems, and it has been an extremely successful year for them with 7 Championships won. These include UK Time Attack Class Champion Jimmy White, MR2 Champion James Cross and Lotus Cup UK Class Champion Vitthal Chauhan. There is no doubt that the Data & Video products from Race-Technology have played a massive part in this and dozens of other race wins and top performances from my drivers.

The Video product from Race Technology is not only a great tool for enhancing driver performance but also for promotional purposes. A Client of mine secured a full season's sponsorship in a major sports car series purely based on a Youtube video that was posted, captured on the Race Technology system."

- Malcolm Edeson

Main Product (GBP 599.00, ZAR 599†)
Available Add-ons
DL1 20Hz GPS enhancement (DL120HZ) (GBP 200.00, ZAR 200†)
DL1 6g accelerometers enhancement (DL16GUPGRADE) (GBP 79.00, ZAR 79†)
DL1 CLUB 4 low side driver and 4 extra analogue (DL1CLUBANA) (GBP 149.00, ZAR 149†)
DL1 CLUB Built-in ECU serial interface (DL1CLUBECUSERIAL) (GBP 100.00, ZAR 100†)
DL1 CLUB CAN Receive option (15 channels per option, max 7 per unit) (DL1CLUBCANREC) (GBP 100.00, ZAR 100†)
DL1 CLUB CAN Transmit option (DL1CLUBCANTRAN) (GBP 249.00, ZAR 249†)
DL1 CLUB Configuration lock option (DL1CLUBCONFIGLOCK) (GBP 99.00, ZAR 99†)
DL1 CLUB PWM outputs + enhanced frequency input enhancement (DL1CLUBDIGIUPGRADE) (GBP 149.00, ZAR 149†)
DL1 CLUB second serial port enhancement (DL1CLUBSERIALUPGRADE) (GBP 50.00, ZAR 50†)
GoPro Licence Only (GOPROLICENCE) (GBP 99.00, ZAR 99†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.