DL1 PRO - Our professional data logger


DL1 PRO the professional choice. A rugged machined aluminium enclosure houses a powerful data logger, offering a huge range of enhancement options and live data processing.

Whether you want a high quality driver and vehicle performance analysis system using GPS, CAN, ECU, accelerometer, frequency, or analogue data - or you want a rugged professional scrutineering system for monitoring professional race series. The DL1 PRO features an IP54 sealed rugged aluminium enclosure for protection against splashed water and dust.

The DL1 PRO does not feature a start/stop button on the unit (a remote button can be installed if required), instead the automatic start/stop functions can be used to collect the required data without having to remember to press the button.

Why choose a DL1 PRO data logger?

The data collected by the DL1 PRO can referenced to not just time, but also position on the track. This allows the data to be interpreted in a meaningful and understandable way, referenced clearly to the real world: Pick a corner and see how you braked, how much grip you used and where, then how you exited. Compare what you did on your fastest time through the sector and learn where you can go faster.

  • Powerful onboard processing - perform calculations live. The results can be viewed live (on a display or recorded to video using a VIDEO4), not just in post analysis: 
    • Timeslip can be calculated live and displayed directly to the driver, showing exactly how much faster or slower you are continuously - not just at lap and sector markers.
    • Sensor data is processed directly by the unit rather than having to be processed in the dashboard, VIDEO4 unit and Analysis software separately.
    • User defined channels used to perform maths functions on the live data, e.g. combine 4 wheel speed sensors to show if the average speed of the front wheels is higher than the rear wheels, showing spin and braking lockup. This can be displayed live to the driver, overlaid onto a video, or logged for analysis.
  • Review your braking points and grip usage with the built in 2g 3-axis accelerometer (optional 6g enhancement available for high downforce applications).
  • Capable of detecting minute changes with 100Hz update rate on all sensor and accelerometer channels, upgradable to 1kHz.
  • Lap and sector timing, in the software, or live with a DASH2 or DASH4 PRO display.
  • Unrivalled accuracy with our 20Hz GPS option (5Hz standard).
  • Extensive automatic logging control, making sure exactly the required data is logged.
  • Get the most out of your engine by logging information from your ECU* or vehicle's CAN data stream**.
  • Optional GoPro control + video licence, for synchronised HD video and DL1 data.

For a full specification of the DL1 PRO data logger, please visit here.

*ECU adapters available separately, see list of compatible ECU's. OBD also available.

**Requires CAN communication enhancement option and may require some knowledge of the CAN data.


Main Product (GBP 1149.00, ZAR 1149†)
Available Add-ons
DL1 PRO 1000Hz Data Logging (DL1PRO1KUPGRADE) (GBP 249.00, ZAR 249†)
DL1 PRO 100Hz Live Speed Enhancement (DL1PROWPLIVE) (GBP 500.00, ZAR 500†)
DL1 PRO 20Hz GPS + Export enhancement (DL120HZEXPORT) (GBP 549.00, ZAR 549†)
DL1 PRO 20Hz GPS enhancement (DL1 20HZ) (GBP 200.00, ZAR 200†)
DL1 PRO 2nd CAN Port Receive option (15 channels per option) (DL1PROCAN2REC) (GBP 100.00, ZAR 100†)
DL1 PRO 2nd CAN Port Transmit option (DL1PROCAN2TRAN) (GBP 249.00, ZAR 249†)
DL1 PRO 4 low side drivers and 4 extra analogue inputs (DL1PROWPANA) (GBP 149.00, ZAR 149†)
DL1 PRO 6g accelerometers enhancement (DL16GUPGRADE) (GBP 79.00, ZAR 79†)
DL1 PRO Built-in ECU serial interface (DL1PROECUSERIAL) (GBP 100.00, ZAR 100†)
DL1 PRO CAN Raw Receive (DL1PROWPCANRAW) (GBP 549.00, ZAR 549†)
DL1 PRO CAN Receive option (15 channels per option, maximum 7 options per unit) (DL1PROWPCAN1REC) (GBP 100.00, ZAR 100†)
DL1 PRO CAN transmit option (DL1PROWPCAN1TRAN) (GBP 249.00, ZAR 249†)
DL1 PRO Configuration lock option (DL1PROWPCONFIGLOCK) (GBP 99.00, ZAR 99†)
DL1 PRO Gyro drift measurement enhancement (DL1PROWPGYRO) (GBP 199.00, ZAR 199†)
DL1 PRO PWM outputs + enhanced frequency input enhancement (DL1PROWPDIGI) (GBP 149.00, ZAR 149†)
DL1 PRO second serial port enhancement (DL1PROWPSERIAL) (GBP 50.00, ZAR 50†)
GoPro Licence Only (GOPROLICENCE) (GBP 99.00, ZAR 99†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.