DASH2 PRO - Dashboard with built in data logging


Note that the DASH2 PRO specification changed as of 1st July 2017. All units purchased after July 2017 included built-in GPS data logging (+ accelerometers) and the advanced options bundle as standard!



The DASH2 PRO is a dashboard display system with integrated data logging. The dashboard is road legal, but is also extensively used in race only applications on cars and bikes. The DASH2PRO is very powerful, and has more features and flexibility than any competing device.

Externally DASH2 PRO looks almost identical to the DASH2, however internally it’s a completely different unit. Both units share the same slim, sealed, die-cast housing and the same layout with two multi-way connectors on the rear.


DASH2 PRO Options

The DASH2 PRO is no longer available for purchase. DASH2 PRO options can be purchased from this page. Please include your DASH2 PRO serial number in the comments box when ordering.

DASH2 PRO - Options

6g Accelerometers

An upgrade to the 2g accelerometers in the GPS data logging option. 6g accelerometers are recommended for use on high downforce vehicles, where more grip is available.

Low Side Drivers and 4 Extra Analogue Channels

Low side output drivers and 4 extra analogue inputs is the option you will require if you want to switch on/off external systems automatically using your DASH2 PRO. This control can be simple or based on a complicated custom equation between various channel data. This option also enables the 4 additional analogue channels, making a total of 8.

PWM Output Controller

The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output controller generates a pulsed output between 100-1000Hz, at a duty cycle controlled by a user equation. This output allows for a fine control of an output system rather than just a simple on/off control. This is ideal for water injection systems etc.

Second Serial Port

A second serial port is ideal for combining multiple input and output modules for complex systems, or driving a low speed telemetry channel on one port and a high speed output for video overlay on the second. A breakout cable is supplied with this option to enable easy connection of the separate serial ports. Serial port 2 is for receiving data only, serial port 1 can both transmit and receive data. 

Built-in ECU Interface

The DASH2 PRO can decode serial data directly from an ECU without the need for a separate interface cable.  This feature allows a simpler, neater installation, and allows the decoding of more channels than with a separate interface. Enable and disable any channels for a completely bespoke set up, logging as much or as little data as is required. Record raw serial data at 4800, 9600 and 115200 baud rates, which can be useful for fault diagnosis and development. Information on compatible ECUs and available channels is available on our Knowledge base here

CAN Communication

CAN reception (15 channel license):
With this option the unit can decode any CAN data from either the vehicles main CAN stream or CAN based aftermarket ECU. This data can be mapped to any RT channels for saving or sending to serial port. Up to 105 CAN receive channels per unit, in multiples of 15 (one £100 licence gets you 15 channels). Messages loadable using .dbc files. Data rates of up to 1Mbit and 11 or 29 bit addressing. For more information visit our knowledgebase here.

CAN transmission:
With this option the unit can transmit any of the internal data channels on the CAN bus at a rate determined by the configuration.  A .DBC file is provided with the default channel data and decoding information to make use with third party CAN reception systems much easier.  Data for transmission on the CAN bus could be from the internal sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyro, analogue channels, etc.) or from the serial input from an ECU interface or other unit attached to the serial port.   The transmission rate for each channel can be individually configured at rates of up to 100Hz. Transmission can use 29bit or 11bit addressing at a number of different baud rates.

The final two options are standard on units produced from Mid 2017 onwards. They are still available to purchase to upgrade older units.

Advanced Options Bundle

Using the data processing power of the DASH2 PRO, this option allows for more advanced features to be configured.

Car computer functions

  • Alarms based on time for power on, time for engine on, time over a certain RPM
  • Low fuel warning based on number of laps, distance, or time remaining.

Advanced alarms

  • Configure alarms based on up to three conditions
  • Multiple options for clearing alarms
  • Trigger low side driver outputs based on alarms
  • Multiple display options when alarms triggered

Advanced shiftlights

  • Use shiftlights to display any variable
  • Enable different shiftlights in each gear
  • Change colour options for shiftlights

Advanced RPM scale

  • Use a different variable to drive the bargraph
  • Configure a different RPM scale at low temperature

Advanced unit control inputs

  • Use an analogue input to switch between screens at different voltages
  • Use analogue inputs as extra buttons to give up to 16 extra buttons

Advanced screen display functions

  • Apply custom update rates and filtering to each displayed value
  • Hide variables on the screen unless certain conditions are met
  • Apply custom formula to each displayed value

Advanced lap timing display

  • Display additional lap timing information across the bottom of the screen
  • Display maximum cornering force, minimum cornering speed or maximum speed for each sector
  • Display detailed and summary lap timing statistics at the end of each session

GPS Data Logging and 2g Accelerometers

A complete data logger and display in a single compact package. Featuring lap and sector times along with live timeslip using GPS, and accelerometers for measuring grip usage. Data is logged to internal memory and downloaded via USB.


Main product is: Built-in ECU Interface option.

Main Product (GBP 100.00, ZAR 1991†)
Available Add-ons
DASH2 PRO 4 low side drivers and analogue channels (GBP 149.00, ZAR 2967†)
DASH2 PRO 6g Accelerometers (GBP 79.00, ZAR 1573†)
*DASH2 PRO Advanced Options (GBP 200.00, ZAR 3982†)
DASH2 PRO CAN Receive option (GBP 100.00, ZAR 1991†)
*DASH2 PRO GPS Data Logging Upgrade Licence (GBP 300.00, ZAR 5974†)
DASH2 PRO PWM outputs enhanced frequency inputs (GBP 299.00, ZAR 5954†)
DASH2 PRO Second serial port enhancement (GBP 50.00, ZAR 996†)
DASH2 PRO Button Set (DASH2 BUTTONSET) (GBP 30.00, ZAR 597†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.