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Production Vehicle ECUs (Pre-programmed)

What is the ECU interface? 

The Race Technology ECU interface is a small in-line module for use with any combination of our data loggers and displays to allow data from your engine management system to be displayed and recorded. 

Who is the ECU interface designed for?

The ECU interface is designed for anyone wishing to read vehicle or drive train sensor data directly from their ECU, without the need for additional sensors. Common parameters such as engine speed, coolant temperature, throttle position, etc, are normally available from the ECU, so no additional sensors would be required if using the ECU interface. This leaves the analogue input channels on your data logger free for connection to more specialised sensors, not normally monitored by your ECU (eg: suspension travel). ECUs are being added to the compatibility list all the time. Please contact Race Technology to confirm compatibility with your ECU. 

Key Features

  • Compatible with Race Technology displays and data loggers as stand alone units, or as part of a data logger and display system
  • Receive data from existing vehicle sensors via your ECU - no need to add additional sensors for data logging
  • All channels from the ECU are in addition to the channels already provided with the Race Technology data logger/display
  • Upgradeable firmware. Both the CAN and serial interfaces are flash upgradeable with firmware updates
  • Inline electronics encased in a tough injection moulded case
  • Supplied with cables, instruction manual and comprehensive software CD

Compatible Production ECU Types:

BMW Year ECU name/order ref
3 Series E46   BMW Mini
M3 E46   BMW Mini
BMW Z4 (E89) from 2009 BMW Mini
BMW Z4 (E85) 2003 - 2008 BMW Z4 (E85)
1 Series E87 2007-2011 BMW PT6
1 Series Coupe/Cabrio (E81/E82/E88) 2007-2013 BMW PT6
BMW 3 Series (E90/E92/E93) 2005-2012 BMW PT6
GM Corvette Year ECU name/order ref
C6 LS2 2005-2008 C6_LS2
C6 LS3 2008-2013 C6_LS2
Honda Year ECU name/order ref
Civic Type R FD2 2006-2011 Honda Civic Type R
KTM Year ECU name/order ref
Lotus Year ECU name/order ref
Elise S2 192 CV EFIB120E 29F 2004 LotusEliseExige
Exige S2 240R 2005 LotusEliseExige
Elise S2/Exige S2/2-Eleven (White dash) all models 2004-2007 LotusEliseExige
Elise S2/Exige S2/2-Eleven (Black dash) all models 2008-2011 LotusEliseExige
Elise S3 all models from 2011 LotusEliseExige
Mazda Year ECU name/order ref
Mitsubishi Year ECU name/order ref
Lancer Evo X (Gems aftermarket upgrade)   Gems Evo X
Lancer Evo 9 (Gems aftermarket upgrade)   Gems Evo 9
Porsche Year ECU name/order ref
996 Mk2 2002-2005 Porsche 996 Bosch 7.8.1
997 Mk2 Carrera models 2008-2011 Porsche Siemens EMS ECU
997 Mk2 Turbo, GT2 and GT2 RS 2010-2012 Porsche Siemens EMS ECU
987 Mk2 Boxster S 2009-2012 Porsche Siemens EMS ECU
987 Mk2 Cayman S and R 2009-2012 Porsche Siemens EMS ECU
991 Carrera 2012 onwards Porsche 911-991
991 Carrera S 2012 onwards Porsche 911-991
991 Carrera 4 2013 onwards Porsche 911-991
991 Carrera 4S 2013 onwards Porsche 911-991
Boxster 981 2012 onwards Porsche 911-991
Boxster S 981 2012 onwards Porsche 911-991
Cayman 981 2013 onwards Porsche 911-991
Cayman S 981 2013 onwards Porsche 911-991
991 GT3 Gen2 2017 onwards 991 GT3 Gen2
VW Year ECU name/order ref
Polo Mk4 2001-2009 VW
Polo Mk5 from 2009 VW
Jetta Mk5 2005-2011 VW
Jetta Mk6 from 2011 VW
Scirocco Mk3 from 2008 VW
Golf Mk5 2003-2008 VW
Golf Mk6 2008-2012 VW
Main Product (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Available Variations
BMW E46 M3 CAN (BMW MINI) (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
BMW PT6 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Gems EVO 9 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Gems EVO X (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
GM C6 LS2 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Honda Civic Type R (FD2) (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
KMS KTM X-Bow CAN (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Lotus Elise Exige CAN (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Porsche 911-991 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Porsche 996 Bosch 7.8.1 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Porsche Siemens EMS ECU (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
VW (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
MAZDA MX5-ND (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)
Porsche - 991 GT3 Gen2 (GBP 150.00, ZAR 150†)

† - note that the price is set in GBP, the exact amount charged to your card may vary according to your banks exchange rate.

* - Main product required.